The cherries are, along with other fruits and vegetables, one of the traditional crops in the Alicante and Valencian soils, often cultivated on family farms, and which has provided this product since ancient times to the packaging plants in the area, to Marketing. This tree was introduced by the Romans who selected and improved their cultivation, reaching its maximum development, in this area, in the Arab era.

Culture conditions

The sowing is done on the patterns better adapted to the soil conditions.

Tillage, Pruning and Harvesting

There are usually three or four jobs, the first and the deepest, at the end of autumn and later in the course of vegetation there are two or three rotovator passes. The conduction is done either in glass or in palmeta.

Pruning is light on production trees, limited to thinning and pruning.

In young trees tend to form them by suppressing branches and blunt to force them to branch.

Harvesting consists of collecting the fruit directly from the tree, when the degree of maturity is adequate.

The production area is one of the most mountainous reliefs of the Valencian Community, belonging to the foothills of the Prebética subunit, with a typically structural relief, with alternating anticlineal and synclinal structures.
They emphasize the Cretaceous limestones in the mountains whereas in the valleys prey the marls. The soils of this region are characterized by the high content of calcium carbonate and the scarcity of organic matter.
The climate is mediterrani temperat, amb temperatures més fredes i amb major name of precipitacions that the province remains. Home The annual mitjana temperature oscillates between 13 and 15.5 ° C., An annual mitjana precipitation of 350-650 mm.
The main rivers that cross the region are the river Serpis or Alcoy and Girona. The first is born from the confluence of numerous sources of the Sierras de Mariola and the Carrascal; Receives on the right, as tributaries, the river Gorga and the Penáguila, and on the left to the river Agres. The second is born in the Sierra de Llombay, through the valleys of Alcalá, Ebo and Laguart, flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.